Who? What? Why?

Olivia believes God has written the story of every person’s life and of the whole world and that Jesus Christ is the hero of that story. Through articles, short stories, and novels, Olivia strives to inspire and instruct teens and young adults to appreciate God’s story of life and embrace their role in it. 

My Writing Strategy for 2019
In December, I did something I thought was impossible for me to do. I finished the first draft of Forest...
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Why I’m Excited for Christmas This Year
When I was a kid, I never cared much about Christmas. As thousands of children across the continent bounced on...
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Why I Don’t Like Reading
I don't like reading. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth. The issue isn't that I hate reading....
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A Brief Overview of Olivia

Olivia in stats: 86% introverted, shorter than 92% of the teenage female population, 100% saved by the grace of God

Olivia in genres: writer of contemporary, realistic, adventure, nonsense, and nonfiction

Olivia in characters: relates with Via from Wonder (R. J. Palacio), Catherine from Rules (Cynthia Lord), and apparently Groot?

Olivia in writerly achievement: regular writer for The Rebelution, guest poster of articles for websites such as Girl Defined, potential author of a genre-hybrid novel with four POV’s and an owl

Olivia in family: older sister to one extremely hyper special needs sister; younger sister to a brother who loves piano and cello, snazzy clothes, and fun socks and another brother who loves muddy work boots and agriculture

Olivia in relation to pets: too much of a germaphobe for animals, but proud owner of three wee cacti!

Olivia in public: that kid who stuns people with her seriousness and drives them crazy with her ever present sarcasm and (attempted) humor

Olivia in academics: high school junior + college freshman (dual enrollment!)

Olivia in The One Fun Fact: Viola is awesome and it isn’t just a big violin.


“Genevieve Faye Riddle wanted nothing more than for everything to be normal. But as a homeschooled kid with a mentally ill sister, nothing could be further from possible. Tired of Sunday School answers and longing for love, Gen desperately searches for the meaning of life. Was Christianity any more than a church-kid’s confession? Could anything fill the emptiness that entangled her heart? Why wasn’t she happy like everyone else seemed to be… why couldn’t she just be normal?”

Status: Complete First Draft

Word Count: 53k

Genre: Contemporary YA

Favorite Line: 

Eventually I figured I was far enough into the woods that no one would hear me. Icy streams flowed down my face.

I crumpled down on a rock, sobbing, trying so hard just to breathe.

Perhaps the squirrels would accept me as their own.

Stupid thought.

Abnormal is a complete first draft that may or may not be further developed. While the book is shelved at present, a rewritten version will hopefully be published sometime in the distant future.

Forest Girl

Eleanor Birchman called the forest her home. Raised by her brother in woodland isolation, she never imagined she’d return to the city–But when Will disappears, a journey to Arden may be her only chance of survival. Aided by a condescending young firefighter and a prince bored with his royal life, Eleanor devotes herself to finding her missing brother, the only friend she had. When these four lives become tied together through a murder plot, each of them play an unexpected role.

Status: Being Reviewed by Alphas

Word Count: 48,000

Genre: YA fantasy

Favorite line:

Somehow on the journey that morning from the coffee shop to the lumber shop, William Birchman became Santa Claus. Perhaps it was the thick white coating of snowflakes he shook from his hair and beard, the heavy leather boots, or, most surprising, the two cups of coffee in his hand.

“You know, if the lumber thing doesn’t work out, I bet Arden would be a great place for the penguin tourism market.”

Forest Girl is a complete first draft. Editing should begin mid to late 2019.